Your garden pots are more than just a container for your plant…

They are more like a ‘garment’ to enhance and uplift your green life. Our selection of indoor and outdoor garden pots and garden ornaments is huge – arguably one of the best in the country! 

Our buyers select styles, colours and shapes from all over the world. From the river ways of Vietnam, the plains of China to the colours of our very own NZ Morris & James of Matakana – we have a selection that will ‘elevate’ your plants.


Specialists in ‘light weight’ and raised garden containers

Get a great garden pot for your unique needs. Lightweight containers are ideal for decks and balconies where weight can be an issue – come and see our exclusive range!

We also have a large range of indoor/cover pots.


Lightweight Pots

Lightweight pots have an impressive authentic look and feel. Made from high-quality fibreglass and mineral composite, they are up to 70% lighter than traditional natural stone and  capable of producing a wide viarity unique surfaces to suit your garden or home.


Modstone Strata
from 299.00

Glazed Pots

Glazed Highcup Pot
from 17.99

Available in Red, Black, and Blue.
Saucers sold separately.

Prices vary depending on colour and size.

Glazed Belly Pot
from 18.99

Available in Red, Black, Cream, and Blue.

Prices vary depending on colour and size.

Glazed Entrance Square Pot
from 54.99

Available in Red, Black, and Blue.

Prices vary depending on colour and size.

Small 27x27x51cm
Medium 33x33x66cm
Large 44x44x77cm

Saucers sold separately.

Anduze Urn
from 13.99

Terracotta Pots

California 31.jpg

Palermo Pots

Palermo Vase

Antique Terracotta

Palermo Lorenzo Urn

Antique Terracotta

Currently out of stock, new shipment arriving soon.

California 28.jpg

Iron stone

Cora Large
Cora Medium
Water Bowl
from 199.00
Water Jar