Screened volcanic topsoil procured from various sites Auckland wide. Auckland soil has a higher clay content and hence is lighter in colour to our lawn topsoil which we sell as our bagged topsoil. Screened topsoil is not a weed free product. This topsoil can be sold bagged on request but is typically sold and requested in bulk. A good general purpose soil for many gardening applications.

Size: Screened on a 12mm screen. Fines to 12mm in size.

Ideal uses: General landscaping and garden maintenance.

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Bagged Lawn Topsoil - Screened to 10mm

A loamy finer grade of bagged topsoil screened to 10mm. Dark and rich in colour this topsoil is prefect for new lawns and lawn repair work. Will provide superior body and hence structure to new lawns along with great water retention properties. Lower clay content than northern new Zealand volcanic soil and hence is darker and more friable.

Ideal uses:New lawns where a superior topsoil is required.