Sawdust 50L

Sawdust 50L


Our sawdust comes from untreated pine and doesn’t contain any chemicals like arsenic, chromium and copper. Untreated sawdust is perfect for use in pet litter boxes and makes a good soil conditioner. It can be used lightly in composting. Sawdust used on pathways is good for keeping out grass and weeds—and you don’t have to worry about nitrogen being taken away from your plants.

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Bagged Sawdust

A coarse untreated bagged sawdust sourced from virgin sawmill source. Clean and can be packed into various bag sizes.

Size :Coarse - approx 3mm and down

Ideal uses: Pet enclosures and cages as an absorbent, animal tracking and raceways, lightweight bag uses or where a soft underfoot surface is required.