Mr. Fothergill's Sweet Pea 'Cupani'

Mr. Fothergill's Sweet Pea 'Cupani'


Botanical Name: Lathryus odoratus

First recorded by Cupani, a Fransiscan monk in Palermo, Sicily, the flowers are a deep blue with a purple 'wing'. A grandiflora type it has smaller flowers than the Spencer types but it is sweeter smelling and has greater heat tolerance. A hardy annual, flowering the same year from a Spring sowing. Prefers a sunny position and well-drained soil.

Plant Height: 180cm

How To Grow

Sow 1.5cm deep in flowering position. Thin out to 20cm apart. Train young plants up a fence or wall, or support with sticks or netting. Pick regularly to prolong flowering period.

When To Plant



Spring to early Summer



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