Mr. Fothergill's Poppy 'Flander's Red Remembrance'

Mr. Fothergill's Poppy 'Flander's Red Remembrance'


Botanical Name: Papaver rhoeas

Deep red, single flowers. Widely recognised as a symbol of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, they make a stunning display when mass planted. An annual, flowering the same year. Prefers a well drained soil and sunny position.

Plant Height: 60cm

How To Grow

Sprinkle seeds over soil, cover lightly, firm down gently and keep damp. Or sow in seed boxes, transplanting when large enough to handle. Thin as necessary, spacing 20cm (8in) apart. Feed regularly and remove spent flower heads to encourage flowering. Protect from snails. Pinch out the early buds to encourage good, strong clumps.

When To Plant

Late Summer and Autumn


20 weeks from sowing


Summer, Autumn

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