Mr. Fothergill's Nasturtium 'Jewel Mixed'

Mr. Fothergill's Nasturtium 'Jewel Mixed'


Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

Bright semi-double flowers sit well above the foliage to give a lovely display in beds, boxes, tubs and even on poor soils in many shades of yellow, orange, red, salmon and cerise. A hardy annual, flowering the same year, it does best in a well-drained soil and sunny position.

Plant Height: 30cm

How To Grow

Sow 0.5in (1.5cm) deep in flowering position directly. Space seeds individually, 9in (25cm) apart. Keep soil moist. Water plants during dry spells.

When To Plant

All year round as required


All year round as required


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

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