Mr. Fothergill's Heartsease 'Johnny Jump Up'

Mr. Fothergill's Heartsease 'Johnny Jump Up'


Botanical Name: Viola tricolor

This variety called Johnny Jump Up is an old fashioned 'miniature pansy' with delicate tricolour faces of purple, yellow and cream. They are delightful in the front of borders, along paths or in baskets and containers. If treated as an annual, will easily flower in the first year from early sowing. Grows well in sun or partial shade.

Plant Height: 15cm

How To Grow

Sow in a seed bed directly. Thin as necessary and transplant to flowering position in autumn. Harden off and plant out in September or October, spacing 6-8in (15-20cm) apart. Alternatively, sow in trays of compost. Just cover the seed and keep moist at 15-20C (60-68F). Germination will take 10-21 days. Thin (prick out) to further pots or trays when seedlings have developed 2-4 leaves.

When To Plant



Late Winter and Spring of the following year.



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