Mr. Fothergill's Gerbera 'African Daisy Mixed'

Mr. Fothergill's Gerbera 'African Daisy Mixed'


Botanical Name: Gerbera jamisonii

These large 'daisy' flowers come in a rich range of colours and will produce a stunning display in the garden or pots. Great as a cut flower. A perennial, best treated as an annual. Prefers full sun with some shade in hot areas and a well drained soil.

Plant Height: 60cm

How To Grow

Sow 5mm (quarter-inch) deep in seed trays of seed raising mix. Keep moist and warm until seedlings emerge, usually in 18-23 days. Transplant after 6 weeks, spacing 45cm (18in) apart and keeping crowns well above the surface. Keep moist and feed with liquid fertiliser.

When To Plant

Spring to early Summer.


30-40 weeks


Spring, Summer

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