Kakabeak Kowhai Ngutu Kaka

Kakabeak Kowhai Ngutu Kaka


When to sow

Spring & summer


  • Mass planting

  • Seasonal colour

  • Filler plant


Fill a seed tray with Yates Black Magic® Seed Raising Mix. Press mix firmly into tray; water and allow to drain. Sow seed and cover lightly with seed raising mix. Place tray in a warm, shady, sheltered place and mist with water, as required, to keep moist (not wet).


Once seedlings are 3-5cm high, transplant into small individual pots. Grow on until a root ball establishes and transplant into the garden or containers.


Soak seeds overnight in warm water to soften seed coat and grow in a greenhouse to enhance germination. Apply Yates Blitzem® to protect young seedlings from slugs and snails.

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