Yates Tomato 'Moneymaker Heirloom'

Yates Tomato 'Moneymaker Heirloom'


This popular Edwardian English heirloom produces a good yield of firm, bright red medium-sized fruit. Famed as a reliable choice for setting fruit in all conditions, Moneymaker also has excellent disease resistance. This tall, vigorous grower will need staking.


Full sun.


Sow direct in warm conditions or raise in trays of Yates® Black Magic® Seed Raising Mix. Firm down and keep moist. Transplant when 5-7cm high.


Choose a well drained sunny position. Prepare soil by adding Yates® Thrive® Natural Blood & Bone. When first flowers appear begin applying Yates® Thrive® Tomato Liquid Plant Food regularly. Protect from snails and slugs.


Great companion plant for basil, broccoli, carrots, celery, onions, marigolds, marjoram, parsley & parsnip. Fruit contains health-promoting lycopene.

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