Yates Pumpkin 'Buttercup'

Yates Pumpkin 'Buttercup'


Cucurbita maxima

Faster maturing than most pumpkins. Buttercup has a sweet, nutty flavour and relatively dry flesh. The small fruit is an ideal family size.


Full sun.


Early sowings under glass can be transplanted after frosts have finished. For direct sowings, plant 4 seeds in mounds of soil, thinning later to the two strongest plants.


Select a sunny, well-drained position. Add compost and Thrive Granular All Purpose Fertiliser. Provide growing plants with plenty of water at root level. When vines reach 2 metres and are carrying plenty of flowers, pinch off ends to contain growth. Harvest as the vine dies off, and the stalk turns brown. Protect from snails with Yates Blitzem.

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