Yates Microgreens 'Mizuna Red Gems'

Yates Microgreens 'Mizuna Red Gems'


When to sow

All year round


  • Fast growing

  • Pick in 2-3 weeks


Sprinkle half this packet of seeds over a 10cm diameter pot filled with compacted and moistened Yates Seed Raising Mix. Cover seed with a thin layer of seed mix and moisten using a mist spray bottle. Apply half strength Thrive All Purpose once seedlings emerge. For best results, seeds must be sown thickly.


Place in a warm, well lit position indoors (or outdoors during warm weather), out of direct sunlight. Keep soil evenly moist.


Pack contains enough seed to sow 2 × 10cm diameter pots. Sow successive pots for constant supply. Snip microgreen s above the soil line once they are 3-5cm tall.

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