Yates Beans Dwarf 'Borlotti'

Yates Beans Dwarf 'Borlotti'


A unique variety with colourful pods and seeds. The dwarf bushes produce a prolific crop that can be eaten fresh, like green beans or allowed to develop for mature seeds for culinary purposes. Seeds can be stored for a long time.


Full sun


Direct where they are to grow in dark, damp soil. Cover with Yates Seed Raising Mix and firm down. Do not water for a couple of days after sowing. Best results are achieved when soil temperature is consistently above 20 degrees Celsius.


Choose a sunny, well-drained position and add Thrive Granular All Purpose Fertiliser for best results. Hill up soil around growing plants for support. Apply Yates Thrive Soluble Fertiliser regularly and pick beans young for maximum yield. Surplus beans can be frozen for later use. Protect from snails with Yates Blitzem.

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