Start your garden from scratch.

We have a great selection of flower and vegetable packet seeds to inspire the home gardener.


Grow with us! We have all the right materials and equipment you need including seed raising mix, mini greenhouses, fertiliser, plant labels and free advice.  

Teaching family, friends and kids to grow their own vegetables and flowers from seeds can be exciting, educational and even economical too.



Check our bulb calendar and come in and see our season bulbs.

May - Garlic/Shallots
June - Lilies
July - Dahlias
August - Summer flowering bulbs

The best time to plant spring bulbs is Autumn. Our spring bulbs start arriving in store around February-April every year.  

Our bulb tip: You can store most bulbs in your fridge until you're ready plant, just remember not to store them with your fruit, especially apples.


We stock a full range from Mr. Fothergill's, Yates, Asian Seed and Johnsons World Kitchen. 


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