Miracal-Gro MaxFeed All Purpose Plant Food

Miracal-Gro MaxFeed All Purpose Plant Food


Available Sizes: 500g, 1kg

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A multi-purpose water soluble plant fertiliser that feeds through roots and leaves to promote stronger, larger, healthier plants and generous flowering and fruiting.

MaxFeed All Purpose works so well because the fertiliser contains a wetting agent, which has a dual function. It helps the leaves absorb the fertiliser, and also allows the fertiliser to be readily absorbed into the soil to help feed the roots.

Suitable for: Annuals, perennials, bulbs, vegetables & herbs, fruit trees, roses, shrubs & trees, potted plants, including indoor plants, berries & soft fruits and lawns.

Once plants are established, apply MaxFeed every 7-14 days throughout the growing season.

N-P-K 15 - 13.1 - 12.4 + a range of essential trace elements.



  • Contains a unique wetting agent to aid fertiliser penetration to roots and leaves.

Directions For Use: 

  1. Using the rate recommended on the container, dissolve the crystals in a watering can and apply to both the leaves and the roots of plants.


  • Do not allow contact with concrete, sandstone, marble or other paving as iron stains can occur. Wash any spill or overspray off these surfaces immediately.
  • DO NOT USE on phosphorus-sensitive plants including South African natives like proteas, leucadendrons, leucospermums and serrurias as well as Australian natives such as grevilleas, banksias and waratahs.