Tui Lawn Preparation Mix

Tui Lawn Preparation Mix



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There is nothing quite like wandering barefoot across your backyard savouring the feeling of grass between your toes. Tui Lawn Preparation Mix is a 100% weed free premium blend of high quality fine bark, clean graded sand, and the essential nutrients required to promote fast germination of lawn seed and sustained growth to encourage a lush lawn.

Use Tui Lawn Preparation Mix for your lawn and you’ll be enjoying the feeling of healthy green grass in no time.


  • 100% weed free.
  • Rich in nutrients to provide lawn seed with the best possible start.
  • Suitable for use on new lawns and when patching existing lawns.

Directions For Use: 

Directions for new and established lawns:

  • When starting a new lawn from scratch, spray the area to kill any existing grass and weeds. When patching an established lawn, spray weeds and any grass you want to remove.
  • Clear away weeds and grass once it has browned off.
  • Apply a layer of 25–30mm of Tui Lawn Preparation Mix to the area.
  • Create a level and compact area for your lawn by raking, rolling and filling in where needed.
  • Water before sowing lawn seed.
  • Sow seed on a fine day at the rate set out on the packaging.
  • Scatter seed in an east to west direction and a north to south direction to ensure an even spread.
  • Rake in lightly to ensure seed is covered.
  • Water lightly and keep moist on a daily basis during the germination period.

Tui Tips

  • Spring and autumn are the best times to sow a new lawn.
  • One 40L bag of Tui Lawn Preparation Mix will cover approximately 1.5–2 square metres at a depth of 25–30mm.