Yates Waterwise Hose On Soil Wetter 2L

Yates Waterwise Hose On Soil Wetter 2L


Combination of soil wetting agent, liquid clay breaker, trace elements and seaweed.
Soil wetting agent allows water to penetrate water repellent soils.
Liquid clay breaker softens hard clay soil and improves soil structure.
Trace elements, including chelated iron, improve plant growth and encourage deep green foliage.
Seaweed is a natural plant growth promotant.
Easy to use hose-on formulation, which treats up to 130m2 of garden.


  • For use on garden beds and potted plants.

  • Contains a combination of fast acting wetting agents and soil conditioners that improve moisture penetration of water repellent soils and aid soil structure.

  • Includes trace elements for added vitality and healthier plants.

  • Includes seaweed which is a natural plant growth promoter.

  • Convenient to use and easy-to-apply, just attach the hose and spray.


Wetting agent, soil conditioner, trace elements and seaweed.

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