Yates Thrive Natural Seaweed Tonic 2L Hose On

Yates Thrive Natural Seaweed Tonic 2L Hose On


A seaweed tonic for plant and root health, made from 100% bull kelp sustainably sourced from Southern Oceans.

Great for improving plant resistance and protection against pests, drought and frosts plus reducing transplant shock.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces transplant shock in new plants.

  • Encourages stronger root growth for stronger, healthier plants

  • Is a natural source of plant growth regulators, such as auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins and betaines, as well as alginates and minerals.

  • Is an excellent plant starter, when applied at low rates stimulates plant and root growth.

  • Aids recovery from stress conditions and improves plant resistance, eg: heat, frost, drought, pests and diseases.

  • Contains 100% cold composted seaweed (think cold pressed olive oil!), a gentle extraction method that preserves more of the delicate plant growth boosting compounds in seaweed.

Tip: Seaweed is not a plant food, it is a tonic. To feed established plants, use this product in combination with Yates Thrive Fish Blood & Bone (which is a combination of natural fish and powerful NPK nutrients for lush foliage, flowers & fruit) every 1-2 weeks.

How To Use

1. Shake bottle well before applying
2. Connect the hose to the hose-on applicator. You will need a ‘click on’ hose connection
3. Lift plastic flap at front of applicator. If necessary lever open the flap with keys or a screw driver
4. Turn on the tap using moderate to high water pressure. The water mixes automatically with the concentrate at the correct ratio
5. Walk and spray at a steady pace while sweeping the spray back and forth
6. Apply enough to wet leaves and / or drench the soil around the plants
7. Keep bottle upright, do not point at the ground

Apply every 2-4 weeks at any time of the year

Planting new plants and transplanting – Apply at planting and transplanting

New Lawns – Apply to lawns after planting or 1 week after germination

Established plants and lawns – Apply all year round or during stress periods

Delicate Plants eg, ferns – Apply in early Spring

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