Yates Thrive Natural Fish & Seaweed + 2L Hose On

Yates Thrive Natural Fish & Seaweed + 2L Hose On


A plant food to nourish plants and enrich soil.

The complete all purpose plant food solution when you’re after just one premium and easy fertiliser solution.

A unique, enriched, complete garden fertiliser containing a combination of natural and inorganic ingredients.

Sometimes nature needs a little bit of help so Yates has boosted the natural fish and seaweed based nutrients with added NPK to deliver optimal plant growth and a balanced fertiliser for your garden.

Developed for use on all garden plants all year round

Key Benefits

  • Combines fish, seaweed, humates, microbes, molasses, NPK & trace elements to both nourish plants and enrich the soil.


  • Fish – to grow more prolific foliage, flowers & fruit.

  • Seaweed – for plant & root health.


  • Humates for improved plant nutrient uptake.

  • Bio-Active microbes to unlock plant nutrients in the soil.

  • Molasses to maintain soil microbe health.

  • NPK nutrients for fast and strong plant growth.

  • Trace elements for plant health and vitality.

  • Contains 100% cold composted seaweed and fish (think cold pressed olive oil!), a gentle extraction method that preserves more of the delicate plant growth boosting compounds in seaweed and fish, retains valuable fish oils, providing plants with essential nutrients for healthy growth, while boosting soil microbe and earthworm activity.

  • Easy application over large areas, no mixing required.

  • Dual action formula feeds through both leaves and roots for fast results

Tip When planting new plants mix some Yates Thrive Natural Blood & Bone into the soil for slow release feeding.


100% bull kelp sustainably sourced from Southern oceans
Fish sustainably sourced from Southern Oceans

Nitrogen (N) 1.8% w/v
Phosphorus (P) 0.5%
Potassium (K) 1.5%
Bio-Active microbes
Trace Elements

How To Use

1. Shake bottle well before applying
2. Connect the hose to the hose-on applicator. You will need a ‘click on’ hose connection
3. Lift plastic flap at front of applicator. If necessary lever open the flap with keys or a screw driver
4. Turn on the tap using moderate to high water pressure. The water mixes automatically with the concentrate at the correct ratio
5. Walk and spray at a steady pace while sweeping the spray back and forth
6. Apply enough to wet leaves and / or drench the soil around the plants
7. Keep bottle upright, do not point at the ground

Apply every 1-4 weeks at any time of the year

All plants in pots and garden beds – Apply every 1-2 weeks during active growth. For maintenance apply every 2-3 weeks

Established lawns – Apply every 2 weeks during active growth

Delicate Plants eg, ferns and large trees and shrubs – Apply every 2 weeks during active growth

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