Yates PruneTec Sealant 200mL

Yates PruneTec Sealant 200mL


A long-lasting pruning wound treatment, that forms a barrier to prevent trunk & stem diseases entering fresh pruning cuts.


  • Ideal for use on ornamentals, pipfruit, stonefruit & vines

  • Encourages beneficial callusing to form on pruning wounds

  • The seal remains elastic, and stretches as the plant grows without cracking or splitting

  • Dries quickly, even after rain or in cold conditions

  • Easy to apply, with very little wastage due to the bristle applicator brush

Directions for use

Apply evenly over a clean cut surface, covering at least 1cm beyond the edges of the cut. For healthy wood, apply directly after the cut is made. For infected wood, cut back to healthy tissue before applying. For grafting, apply after grafting and after taping. Do not dilute product with water.

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