Yates Nature’s Way Vegie Insect Gun 750mL

Yates Nature’s Way Vegie Insect Gun 750mL


Yates Nature’s Way Natrasoap Vegie Insect Gun is a fast acting broad spectrum insecticide based on natural, low toxic and organic ingredients. It controls by contact action.


  • Yates Nature’s Way Vegie Insect Gun is based on insecticidal soap, which is made from natural vegetable oils.

  • It is effective against soft bodied insects such as whitefly, aphids and mites and can be used on fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.

  • It controls insects by disrupting their cuticle layer, which is a barrier that normally protects insects from damage and water loss. Insecticidal soap works via contact action, so it is important to achieve good coverage of the insects themselves, including insects hiding underneath foliage.

  • Yates Nature’s Way Vegie Insect Gun is biodegradable, has no residual effect and has a low impact on most hard bodied beneficial insects such as ladybirds.

  • Yates Nature’s Way Vegie Insect Gun has now been BioGro Organic certified – look out for new organic labelling coming soon.

Active Ingredients

Contains 8.5g/litre fatty acids (potassium salts) in the form of a ready to use solution.

Directions For Use

  • Shake well before use.

  • Apply at first appearance of pest.

  • Check foliage regularly at 10 – 12 day intervals and repeat applications as required.

  • To ensure good control, complete coverage of the pest is necessary.

  • Spray both upper and lower leaf surfaces to runoff.

  • Apply in the morning or early evening when temperatures are cooler.

  • Do not spray when soil is dry and plants are suffering from moisture stress.

  • Withholding period: 24 hours

Note: Use with caution on ferns and test sensitive, tender plants before widespread use.

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