Yates Mosskiller & Fertiliser 2 sizes

Yates Mosskiller & Fertiliser 2 sizes

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Mosskiller and fertiliser lawn treatment quickly and effectively kills moss in grass lawns. It also feeds the lawn, encouraging strong grass growth which helps prevent moss re-growth.


  • Kills moss in lawns.

  • Fertilises lawns.

  • Fast and effective.


Nitrogen (N) 12.6%
Iron (Fe) 8.0%
Sulphur (S) 19.0%

Directions for use

Apply in fine, calm conditions onto a damp lawn. Either moisten the lawn before applying or apply on a dewy morning. Best results are obtained when the lawn is mown 2-3 days before treatment. Spread evenly at the rate of 35g per square metre (as a guide, a standard cup holds approximately 200g and will treat 6 square metres). If rain does not fall within 1 day of application, water the lawn thoroughly.

The moss will blacken as it dies. The lawn may also appear blackened at first but will recover to a dark green colour after several days. After 2 weeks the dead moss can be raked out.


Do not use on concrete as discolouration will occur. Accidental spillages should be brushed off immediately. To control moss on concrete, use Yates Surrender.

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