Yates CLONEX Red Rooting Hormone Gel 50mL

Yates CLONEX Red Rooting Hormone Gel 50mL


A gel hormone that promotes root growth in hardwood cuttings for propagation.


  • Helps promote root development

  • Seals and protects the cutting while enhancing root development

  • Ideal for hardwood cuttings

  • Good results for most cuttings

  • Allows the home gardener to achieve professional propagation results

  • Simple easy to use gel, no mixing required, no mess

How It Works

The active ingredient is a plant hormone which stimulates root growth in cuttings for propagation.


8g/L Indole-3-butyric Acid

Directions for use

At the end of the growing season select healthy shoots. Take 5 to 15cm piece and remove the bottom one third to one half of the leaves from the cutting. Make a clean diagonal cut across the base of the cutting, just below the leaf node. Dip the lower 1.5cms into Clonex then plant immediately into propagating mix or Yates Seed Raising Mix. Keep moist during the entire period of root formation.


Store in closed original container in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.

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