Pea Straw Mulch 90L

Pea Straw Mulch 90L

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Pea Straw Mulch is the perfect finishing touch to create a tidy, well cared for look in your garden, while providing all the benefits that come from mulching. Mulching protects your plants from extremes in temperatures, keeps roots moist, suppresses weed growth, and adds valuable nitrogen to your soil as it breaks down.

Use Pea Straw Mulch throughout your garden, in pots, and containers to keep your piece of paradise in tip-top condition.

Made from 100% pea straw (may contain pea seeds).

This 90L bale will cover approximately 2–3 square metres.


  • 100% natural.

  • Suppresses weed growth, protects roots against extremes in temperature, and conserves moisture.

  • Adds valuable nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down, improving soil structure.

  • Suitable for all plant types in garden beds, pots and containers; and for use when creating no-dig gardens.

Directions For Use: 

Directions for use in garden beds, pots and containers

  • Prepare soil for mulching by removing any weeds.

  • Apply around plants to a depth of approximately 50mm.

  • Take care not to leave the mulch touching the stem of your plants as this can cause rot.

This 90L bale will cover approximately 2–3 square metres.