Tui Tomato Food 1.5kg

Tui Tomato Food 1.5kg


In sandwiches or salads, roasted or plucked straight from the vine – tomatoes take pride of place in every Kiwi’s garden over the summer months, no matter how you choose to enjoy yours. Tui Tomato Food is a blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and a generous amount of potassium formulated to promote the growth and fruit potential of all types of tomatoes.

Adding Tui Tomato Food during the growing season will replace nutrients taken from the soil and ensure you get the most out of your tomato plants. Use in your garden beds, and you’ll be harvesting a bumper crop of flavoursome homegrown tomatoes this summer.

N–P–K 3–4–8 + S, Mg, Ca & trace elements


Replenishes nutrients to encourage healthy growth.

Also suitable for other plants that require higher levels of potassium.

Directions For Use:

When planting:

Prior to planting apply 200g (approx. 2/3 cup) per square metre of garden.

Mix thoroughly into the soil.

Water in well after application.

Established plants:

Apply 100g (approx. 1/3 cup) per square metre of garden around the base of the plant.

Water in well after application, taking care to wash any product off the plant foliage.

Not recommended for use in pots and containers.

Tui Tip

Apply every four weeks during key growth periods.

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