Tui Novatec Premium Fertiliser

Tui Novatec Premium Fertiliser

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Not all fertilisers are created equal. Developed using nitrogen stabilising technology Tui NovaTec Premium provides a sustained release of easy-to-absorb nitrogen, feeding your plants for up to four months. As a compound fertiliser each granule contains the same available nutrients – so your plants receive a balanced and even spread of all essential nutrients.

This combination results in stronger, healthier plants and higher yields from your garden. Nitrogen stabilising technology benefits our environment too – less nitrogen leaches into our waterways.

Use throughout your garden, and in pots and containers, to reap the rewards of plentiful harvests and prolific blooms.

N–P–K  15–1.3–16.6 + Mg & trace elements.


  • Feeds your plants more efficiently and sustainably.
  • Ideal for fruit, vegetables, flowers and shrubs.
  • Suitable for use in pots and containers.
  • Safer for the environment.

Directions For Use: 

Garden beds: When planting

  • Prior to planting apply 60g (approx. 3 tablespoons) per square metre of a garden.
  • Mix thoroughly into the soil.
  • Water in well after application.

Garden beds: Established plants

  • Apply 60g (approx. 3 tablespoons) per square metre around the plant’s dripline (the drip line is where the plant’s foliage extends to).
  • Mix thoroughly into the soil.
  • Water in well after application.

Pots and Containers:
Established plants

  • Apply 10g (approx. 1/2 tablespoon) per 10L.
  • Spread over the soil avoiding the plant stem.
  • Water in well after application.

Tui Tip:
Tui NovaTec Premium is highly recommended for roses.