Thrive All Purpose Soluble Plant Food 500g

Thrive All Purpose Soluble Plant Food 500g


A fast acting, complete, soluble fertiliser ideal for feeding a wide range of ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as vegies, herbs and lawns. Feeds through both the foliage and the roots. Specially formulated blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements to encourage both healthy green foliage growth as well as flowers and fruiting.


  • A trusted safe easy formula.

  • Ideal for feeding indoor & outdoor plants.

  • Suitable for all planting types including seedlings.

  • Convenient handy pack – measuring spoon & resealable pack included

How It Works

Contains nutrients which are rapidly absorbed by both the root system and foliage.


Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements

(NPK analysis: 27 : 5.5 : 9).

Directions for use

For most plants, dissolve one level spoonful (8 grams) in 4.5 litres of water and apply to an average shrub (1m tall) or over an area of 1-2 square metres. Re-apply every 2 weeks during the growing season.


Do not apply on a hot day.
Always dissolve in water before applying.
It is better to use half-strength solution on seedlings, orchids and ferns.

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