Yates Natures Way Derris Dust 500g

Yates Natures Way Derris Dust 500g


Controls most chewing and sucking insect pests, including caterpillars, on vegetables and flowers. It is particularly effective against white butterfly and diamondback moth caterpillars. It is also helpful in the control of aphids.


  • Natural insecticide, made from natural plant root extracts.

  • Low toxic to humans, bees and wildlife (except fish).

  • Controls caterpillars and other insects.

  • Easy to apply shaker pack.


5g/kg rotenone in the form of a dust.

Directions for use

Lightly dust plants directly from shaker at first sign of insects. Choose a still morning, preferably when dew is on the foliage. While insects are evident repeat every 7-10 days, or following rain.


Do not apply to food crops within 1 day of harvest.

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