May information sheet


Up to date advice on what to do in the garden this month!

By following our Garden Calendar below, you can always be sure that you are making the right choices in your garden.

Make sure you check back each month, as we are regularly updating this blog with relevant information.



  • Plant cabbage, cauli, broccoli, spinach, onion, pak choi, celery, silverbeet, brussel sprout, beetroot, spring onion and leek seedlings.

  • Plant green crops in areas of the garden which are now vacant – lupin to add nitrogen and mustard to help discourage soil insects.

  • Plant Rhubarb plants.

  • Sow Broad Beans.

  • Plant Garlic and Shallot bulbs.

  • Lay Quash or Blitzem when planting young seedlings to control slugs or snails.


  • Cut back summer flowering perennials.

  • Plant cyclamen, pansies, violas, primula, polyanthus, stock, cineraria and wallflowers for winter colour.

  • Feed autumn flowering annuals and bulbs with Tui Bulb Food or Novatec Nitrophoska.

  • This month is the last chance to plant in any spring flowering bulbs not in yet.

  • Lift and divide dahlia tubers and gladioli corms, and store in a dry place.


  • Liquid feed plants that are flowering, for example cyclamen.

  • Reduce watering as the weather cools down, especially for plants such as aglaonema, yucca, dracaena and dieffenbachia.

  • Move cold sensitive plants such as moth orchids, crotons and New Guinea Impatiens to a warm, well-lit spot away from cold draughts.


  • Last chance to give citrus trees, azaleas, rhodo’s & camellias an autumn dressing of citrus & acid food.

  • Mulch acid-loving plants with peat.

  • Start to divide perennials like Michaelmas daisies, astilbes and hellebores.

  • Last chance to sow new lawns before winter.

  • Prepare soil for planting of roses, trees and shrubs by working in plenty of compost or peat.

  • Be careful with watering as over watering at this stage can encourage fungal disease.

  • New seasons roses due in.

  • Remove black spot and mildew infected leaves and buds on roses ahead of winter pruning.