June information sheet


Up to date advice on what to do in the garden this month!

By following our Garden Calendar below, you can always be sure that you are making the right choices in your garden.

Make sure you check back each month, as we are regularly updating this blog with relevant information.




  • Plant cabbage, cauli, broccoli, spinach, onion, leek, pak choi & silverbeet seedlings.

  • Plant garlic & shallot bulbs.

  • Plant rhubarb plants.

  • Plant early to main crop potatoes.

  • Sow broad beans.



  • Plant polyanthus, pansies, primulas, wallflowers, stock, cineraria, & violas.

  • Feed winter flowering annuals with flower power or dried blood.

  • Plant new seasons lilies.

  • Lift and divide summer and autumn flowering perennials (e.g. asters, phlox, canna's & dahlias).



  • Liquid feed any plants which are flowering, for example orchids, cyclamen.

  • Water sparingly.


  • Plant new seasons roses.

  • Plant general shrubs, deciduous trees, rhododendrons, camellias & fruit trees.

  • Plant daphne and boronia.

  • Prune climbing plants, fruit trees.

  • Start to prune roses, hydrangeas.

  • Spray deciduous plants with lime sulphur for moss, lichen, red spider & scale.

  • Treat lawns for hydrocotyle before it gets established.

  • Dress lawns with lime and superphosphate, four weeks apart.

  • In areas where there are hard frosts, lift tropical water lilies and store in a dry place overwinter.

  • In areas where there are frosts, cover frost tender plants at night.

  • Aerate lawns to prevent water logging and moss growth.

  • Avoid cutting lawns too short as grass needs more leaf in weak winter sun.


Greg Lowe